appeared on (in alphabetical order):

Alexia Coley
Alexia Coley - Keep The Faith
Atomic Hooligan
Atomic Hooligan_ Sex, Drugs & Blah, Blah, Blah
Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers; Avid Sounds

with Snow Boy, Talc, Katie Holmes, Matt McNaughton
Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers; Bakers Dozen
Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers Fortissimo!
with Vanessa Freeman

Live at Opera House (DVD)
Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers; Transition Transmission
The Boom Yeah
The Boom Yeah - Reverbations To Constellations
Clark Tracey Sextet
Clark Tracey Sextet; Current Climate

Piers Green (Alto Sax), Paul Jordanous (Trumpet), Lewis Wright (Vibraphone), Kit Downes (Piano), Ryan Trebilcock (Bass), Clark Tracey (Drums)
The Connell Brothers
The Connell Brothers - The Connell Brothers
Crowd Company
Crowd Company - Now Or Never

with Alan Evans
David Essex
David Essex_ Reflections
Fiona Egan Quintet
Fiona Egan Quintet - Touch Has A Memory

Fiona Egan (vocals), Bill Mudge (piano), Nick Kacal (Bass), Milo Fell (Drums), Paul Jordanous (trumpet).
Gianni Chiarello
Gianni Chiarello & The Same Beat_
Gill Sandell
Gill Sandell_ Song Of Our Years
Gizelle Smith / Mighty Mocambos
Gizelle Smith & Mighty Mocambos; This Is
GoGo Band - Departures
Groovy Uncle
Groovy Uncle_ Life's A Gift
Groovy Uncle
Groovy Uncle - Persuaded
Halls - Love To Give
Helen Theophanous
Helen Theophanous - Amici
Jezebel Sextet
Jezebel Sextet; Lift it Up

with Paris Campbell Edwards
Jungsu Choi
Jungsu Choi New Jazz Orchestra - In London
Kelly Woods
Kelly Woods
Len Price 3
Len Price 3 - Nobody Knows
Lloyd Ryan
Lloyd Ryan Big Band; Drivin' Force
Lorraine Latin
Lorraine Latin; Hope In You

with Noel Robinson
Louis Alexander
99 Ways
Martha High
Martha High & Speedometer - Soul Overdue
Matt Berry
Matt Berry_ The Small Hours

with Mark Morriss (The Bluetones)
Music For Romance
Music For Romance - EMI
New Directions Project
Live in London! New Directions Project

Paul Jordanous (trumpet)
Frankie Connolly (vocals), Leo Appleyard (guitar), Steve Pringle (keys), Kevin Glasgow (elec. bass), Mike Bradley (drums), Ric Elsworth (percussion), Karen Straw (trumpet), Trevor Mires (trombone), Piers Green (alto sax), Dean Mongerio (tenor sax), Will Gibson (bari sax/ sop. sax/ flute)
New Street Adventure
New Street Adventure - No Hard Feelings
New Street Adventure
New Street Adventure; Say It Like You Mean It
New Volunteer
New Volunteer; Remote Control Parade
Paul Jordanous
Paul Jordanous Ensemble
And Now I Know:
Paul Jordanous (Trumpet & Flugel), Paul Booth (Tenor Sax), Piers Green (Alto Sax), Tom White (Trombone), Lewis Wright (Vibes), Bill Mudge (Piano & Rhodes), Kit Downes (Piano & Rhodes), Mark Rose (Double Bass), Chris Nickolls (Drums)
Rob Digweed
Rob Digweed Collective Debut Album - First Impressions
Robin Harris
Robin Harris and His Little Big Band featuring Gwyn Jay Allen
Scott Mckeon
Scott Mckeon; Trouble

with Robbie McIntosh & David Ryan Harris
Scubaroots; Babylon Pharmacy
The Senior Service
The Senior Service_ The Girl In The Glass Case
Sir Joe Quarterman
Sir Joe Quarterman - _Alive 'n' Well_
The Snitch
The Snitch - The Dirty Job
The Soul Immigrants
The Soul Immigrants - The Hustle Is On

with Fred Wesley
Soundspecies with Deborah Jordan, Ventriloquist, Foreign Beggars, 2Tall, Black Spade, Ahu, Emilia Martenson, Ninkisun, Ahu
Speedometer feat. James Junior
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor Big Band Explosion - Good Things Happen
Will Gibson Septet
Will Gibson Septet_ Facets

Will Gibson (Saxes/ Bass Clarinet), Tom White (Trombone), Paul Jordanous (Trumpet), Leo Appleyard (Guitar), Steve Pringle (Keys), Kevin Glasgow (Bass), Chris Nickolls (Drums)
Wrong Tom / Deemas J
Wrong Tom Meets Deemas J - East london
DJ Wrongtom
DJ Wrongtom Meets The Ragga Twins - In Time
Yolanda Brown
Yolanda Brown - - lOVE, poLITICS, War; feat. Bill Laurence, Casey Abrahams, Evelyn Glennie
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appeared on (in alphabetical order):

Baby Sol
Baby Sol; Before I Begin
Circus V111
Circus V111_ Rock Disco Badass
David Essex
David Essex; Unplugged
The Divetones
The Divetones; Gizzard EP
Hiding In Public
Hiding In Public; Worlds Away, Yards Apart
Mr Little's Noisy Band
Mr Little's Noisy Band - EP
New Street Adventure
New Street Adventure_ Just The Kind Of People Ep (Album Launch _ 100 Club 21st April 2011!)
Paper St Soap Company
The Soap Company LP - Big Bang,
Dj Saffrolla
Dj Saffrolla; Monster Island
DJ Saffrolla
DJ Saffrolla_ Near The Sky
The Scorsese Agreement
The Scorsese Agreement - The Scorsese Agreement
Tommy Ludgate
Tommy Ludgate - The Mighty EP
DJ WrongTom
DJ WrongTom - WrongTom Meets..
Seramic - I Got You feat. Boots Collins
Urchin - Higher Silence
Big Trains Haymaker
Big Trains Haymaker - Album Previews
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appeared on (in alphabetical order):

AM Dusk & Allister Whitehead
AM Dusk & Allister Whitehead - Free Your Mind feat Noel Mckoy
Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers; Family Tree remixes
The Divetones
The Divetones; Gizzard Boogie
Gizelle Smith
Gizelle Smith - _Jonny_ Single 45
Gizelle Smith
Gizelle Smith_ June
Mark Professor
Mark Professor - Mega Recycle

with DJ Wrong Tom
Martha High
Martha High & Speedometer - I'd Rather Go Blind
The Senior Service
The Senior Service_ Depth Charge
SERAMIC_ Greg's Love (featuring Marcus Foster & Bootsy Collins)
The Snitch
The Snitch - Don't Get Crazy feat Frankie Connolly
Suzi Chunk
Suzi Chunk_ Got Up And Gone
Suzi Chunk / Groovy Uncle
Suzi Chunk & Groovy Uncle - _Barefoot In The Park_ (Single)
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